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    Self Drilling Metal Roof Screws

    Carbon Steel, Sheet to Sheet Self-Drilling Metal Roof Screw – 22mm long

    Sizes Available for Self Drilling Metal Roof Screws

    Product Details:

    Our stitcher screws are short, fat self-drilling screws which are approximately 22mm long with a 14 gauge. These screws are used for fastening two thin metal sheets together which can either be hex head or plastic moulded with or without a bonded washer.

    A sheet to sheet stitching screw is one of the most commonly used screws within the metal roofing and cladding industry. They’re used to fix metal sheets on either side overlaps or when securing flashings to the sheeting.

    NOTE: Not designed to fix sheets directly to timber or steel framework.

    Technical Specification:

    Available Screw Sizes:

    – 22mm x 5.5mm.

    – 20mm x 4.8mm.

    – 20mm x 5.6mm.


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