Overcladding to Existing Roofs

Overcladding your old roof and wall is a simple and cost-effective way to renovate and increase the lifespan of your existing roof; you can also improve the insulation thickness of your old building or install more roof lights at the same time.

When considering roof & wall replacement, the prospect of inconvenience to a company can be very daunting. One advantage of overcladding is that it provides minimal disruption to the working day of your commercial or industrial property. A whole roof replacement means more money is spent as it’s more expensive and potentially more income is lost due to the amount of disruption it can cause.

As a company, we have carried out a vast range of successful asbestos and metal roof overcladding services to industrial buildings. The value of your existing building can be increased substantially with this work being undertaken.

overcladding overcladding
Overcladding old roof Overcladding old roof
Benefits of overcladding Benefits of overcladding
Overcladding example Overcladding example
Overcladding to existing roof Overcladding to existing roof
Overcladding existing roof Overcladding existing roof
Existing roof overcladding Existing roof overcladding
Overcladding asbestos Overcladding asbestos
Overcladding asbestos roof Overcladding asbestos roof

Benefits of overcladding are:

  • A cheaper option compared to stripping and re-cladding. (no metal or asbestos cladding to strip off and dispose of)
  • Minimum disruption to your business, normal work can continue inside your building whilst over cladding work goes on outside.
  • Heating cost savings with increased insulation layer if required.
  • Lighting cost savings with improved light with replacement roof lights.
  • Increased aesthetic look and lifespan of the building with a new second skin of roof cladding.
  • The value of your building is increased substantially.

Asbestos Roof Overcladding

Overcladding of a roof which contains asbestos is a very cost effective refurbishment method that minimises the disruption around site. The service reduces costly disposal of existing asbestos roof sheeting that must be sent to licensed landfill.

Benefits of Overcladding Asbestos:

  • Cost effective – It can be extremely expensive to replace an entire roof of asbestos. Overcladding is a much cheaper method of dealing with this problem.
  • Thermal efficiency – The method will update the rook with current warm roof regulations and allow the building to be thermally efficient.
  • Strength – Asbestos roof overcladding will make your industrial building much more stronger and resistant to damage. Therefore, the need of maintenance and further work will be reduced incredibly.