Industrial Metal Wall Cladding

Metal Wall Cladding provides the main aesthetic for a building. On top of the overall look, wall cladding can achieve many technical enhancements. For example, fire performance, moisture resistance, acoustics, reduce environmental concerns and also detailing around openings and fenestration.

Wall cladding offers a range of different appearances, materials, colours and orientations to provide you with a vast range of finishes. The overall acoustic and thermal performances of wall cladding comply with many regulations and can be enhanced to achieve certain requirements of a project. Make sure to contact us for further details about this matter.

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Alltite Metal Roofing specialise in various roof sheeting and industrial wall cladding systems contracts for a range of different clients. We are constantly staying on top within this industry as we know there is always new developments in metal roofing technologies. This allows us to offer the most cost effective and quality solutions to our clients.

Benefits of Metal Wall Cladding

  • Strength and Protection – A primary advantage of industrial metal wall cladding is its added strength it provides a building. Wall cladding protects internal building materials from harsh environments and weather conditions.
  • Low Maintenance – Industrial metal wall cladding requires very little maintenance when compared to wood or stone. Metal cladding is extremely resistant, therefore, only requires the occasional clean to retain its pleasing aesthetic.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Metal cladding panels can be made from recycled materials, meaning the volume of metal which goes to the landfill is reduced. Also, as they’re made from common metals, they can easily recycled.
  • Non Combustible – A major advantage of metal cladding is that it is non-combustible. This doesn’t mean they are exempt from fire regulations, however, it shows the significant benefit of using it when compared to either wood, stone or other materials.

For more information on our wall cladding solutions, please make sure to contact us today. Give us a call on 01524 751177 or send an email to [email protected].