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    Roofing Hookbolts – Large & Small

    Product Details:

    We offer a range of hook bolts which are used for the roofing industry or for fixing cladding and roofing panels to steel frames. Hook bolts are ideal for roofing as you don’t need access to the ‘hook’ side of the bolt when tightening. The hook sits over the edge of metal beams that stop the bolt from turning when tightened.

    TIP: When using hook bolts for roofing, make sure that you also use spat or sela washers to ensure you have weatherproof seal.

    We have various lengths available, and we can also supply any size or shape of hook bolt or L bolt which can be manufactured according to your particular specifications.

    Single skin cladding sheets are normally fixed through the crown of the roof sheet and require a saddle washer to prevent crushing of the profile. Small hookbolts can also be supplied for domestic garages and outbuildings. M6 gauge.

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