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    Fibre Cement Screws

    Product Details:

    There are a number of different fixings that can be used when installing fibre cement profiled fixings, depending on the roof structure and size. Fibre cement roof sheets have been in replace for asbestos cement roofing sheets.

    The Fibre Cement Fixings which we supply have been developed to fix fibre cement roofs and wall sheets to timber or steels purlins for maximum convenience.

    A major benefit of our fixings is that they eliminate the need for hook bolts and drive screws. They come fully assembled with a large sealing washer which has been designed to counter the crown of the cladding sheet with an additional sealing washer.

    Alltite offer many different size fixings. For more details, please contact us today. Simply fill in the contact form below.

    Technical Specification:

    Screw sizes available: Fibre Cement Screws

    • -6.3 x 230mm – No 3pt
    • -6.3 x 125mm – No 3pt
    • -6.3 x 105mm – No 3pt
    • -6.3 x 145mm – No 3pt
    • -6.3 x 175mm – No 3pt
    • -6.3 x 195mm – No 3pt
    • -6.3 x 230mm – No 3pt
    • -6.3 x 235mm – No 5pt
    • -6.3 x 130mm – No 5pt
    • -6.3 x 110mm – No 5pt
    • -6.3 x 145mm – No 5pt
    • -6.3 x 125mm – No 5pt
    • -6.3 x 175mm – No 5pt
    • -6.3 x 195mm – No 5pt
    • -6.3 x 230mm – No 5pt

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