Here at Alltite, we have successfully completed hundreds of industrial roofing contracts to a very high standard within a short space of time. Many people are worried about metal roofing, thinking this might not be the best option for them. However, we believe our metal roofing is second-to-none, and we’ve consistently delivered for over 30 years in areas such as Cumbria, including Windermere.

Quality Metal Roofing Contractors in Windermere

Hiring our experienced and knowledgeable team is the right step towards having a quality roof for your property. You may not think of your roof as a large part of your property’s appearance, but it is.

With a lot of interest in properties in popular tourist towns such as Windemere, metal roofing is the answer for increasing the value because it brings the best energy efficient ratings. If you own a property in the Windemere area and are in the market for a new roof or your roof has passed its sell-by date and you’re unsure what to do next, please call us at 01524 751177.

Here at Alltite, we carry out our work on a Cut and Cover basis. This pretty much means we will only remove an amount of the old roof which we can re-clad in one working day, this will most likely keep your building 99% watertight and maintain the safety of your building at the end of each day.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

You may be thinking, why metal? Well, most types of metal roofing are lightweight which means they can be easily installed. Metal is the recommended material to use because it’s durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, especially with the heavy rain in Windermere. With a well-installed roof, the rain will run off the surface smoothly.

Metal is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable options you can choose. Most metal roofing already contains a percentage of recycled material and for the people worried about sustainability you can readily source sheet roofing with high recycled content. Metal roofs have a long-lasting life expectancy so when it comes to the end of its useful life, we recommended you recycle it all, preventing any landfill whatsoever.

Alltite has a contracting division and offers free metal roofing surveys and estimates. We are self-sufficient on-site, supplying fully trained metal roofing contractors in Windermere, and are fully insured. All of our staff are completely qualified, and our ever-growing list of satisfied customers is a testament to our fantastic, dedicated customer service and quality workmanship.

Choosing a metal roofing contractor in Windermere can be difficult, but we are here for you every step of the way.

Alltite Metal Roofing Systems building

Alltite Customer Reviews

We’ve got lots of customers who have ordered metal roofing supplies who have left us raving reviews:

“FANTASTIC COMPANY! Highly recommend them. From the 1st phone call, quotation and payment made, their efficiency in manufacture and delivery was first class…”

“This is one of the best metal roofing supplies. I’ve used them many times over many years and never had a problem with the materials or office staff. I will continue to use them for many years to come. Fully recommend using this company.”

“I have been dealing with this company for a decade, they offer a great product and excellent customer service.”

Here are some more:

“Excellent service!! Great family business very helpful and friendly staff, always ready to give help and advice when needed. The products they supply is always top quality and delivered when promised!”

“Excellent service, professional tradesman, specialist service and friendly team. Amazing job. Would recommend every time.”

“We ordered steel cladding roof sheets bolts and flashings from Alltite, very happy with the items and the service we received”

These are just a few of the 4 years’ worth of reviews on Google.