Metal Roofing Contractors Preston

Here at Alltite, we are a metal industrial roofing contractor who maintain a very high standard when it comes to installing metal roofing. We have traded for over 30 years with Preston being one of our busiest locations in the North West. We believe we are one of the best metal roofing contractors in Preston.

Some people are unsure about whether metal roofing is the best option for them. If this is case, just give us a call so we can offer our professional opinion. Hiring our experienced and knowledgeable team is the first step to a successful roof on your property.

Quality Metal Roofs in Preston

In Preston, commercial and office buildings depend on us for strong metal roofs. We also make sure your new roof will look attractive and will bring a positive look to the area your property is in. A quality metal roof installation will become timeless and will increase the value of the property as the years go by.

In a large city such as Preston there can be a high demand for metal roofing. Our service is friendly and efficient with very competitive prices, and our ever-growing list of happy customers is a testament to our fantastic, dedicated customer service and quality workmanship.

Cladding & Roof Refurbishments

We also do cladding and roof refurbishments for big supermarkets such as Morrisons, this was an exciting project we took on four years ago. When existing roofs have passed their sell by date and require a complete strip and re-clad/replacement, Alltite can carry out this work. While we are very busy, we are able to remove part of the old roof which we can re-clad in one working day.

You can trust our specialist team to carry out cladding roof replacement and refurbishment services. We have over thirty years of expertise and experience to provide your industrial building with a full roof or cladding refurbishment/replaced.

One system that can be installed is the Single Skin Roof Cladding. If the building is an uninsulated type, then we can re-roof with a 0.5 or 0.7mm thk Single Skin Roof Sheet thk Polyester or PVC Coated Plastisol. This replacement cladding will make your roof look incredible.

This specification can also have our Anti Condensation Non-Woven Fabric adhered to the underside of the roof sheet, this product is guaranteed not to drip, for this product to work properly and efficiently it must have good ventilation.

Advantages of refurbishing your building:

  • Keeps your building in good condition
  • Maintains energy efficiency
  • Protects the structural integrity of the building
  • Reduces the risk of water penetration
  • Minimise energy bills

There may come a time where you need to strip old roofs, this is usually fairly straight forward by removing the fixings, stacking on the roof and removing from the roof with a Telehandler. Once the old roof has been stripped off, we fit a replacement and have your new roof looking perfect in no time.