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Alltite are your trusted specialist metal roofing contractor in Blackburn. We offer a large range of industrial roofing services which includes quality metal roofing.  We pride ourselves on our customers receiving the best roofing services possible. Our dedicated team of contractors will try their very best to make sure you are happy with what you receive.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing seems to be the most popular choice of roofing. But why is this? Well mainly because of the longevity of the material, it can have a life expectancy of up to 40 years which is the superior option compared to the alternatives which are only expected to last around half as long.

As well as lasting for a long period of time, metal roofs are simple and cost effective to look after during their lifespan. With metal, you can expect a solid roof that does not crack, split, or corrode. You might be concerned when winter arrives, don’t be. A well installed metal roof is not harmed by weather such as snow and rain, and if anything it will run of the surface smoothly.

Many types of metal roofing are surprisingly lightweight, this characteristic allows metal roofing to be installed without any concerns, especially on the load bearing roof support structures.

One of the benefits that doesn’t get mentioned enough, is the variety of options to choose from, e.g. the finish, colour and profiling. There are a lot of beautiful designs and styles to suit any home whereas with most other roofing options do not offer so much variety.

Different Metal Roofing Services Available

Here at Alltite we complete work which ranges from Cladding Refurbishments to Gutter Systems which can be fitted onto your metal roof. Our group of highly skilled contractors are able to provide metal cladding on a roof for a new building. Metal cladding is a form of exterior protection fitted to a building’s roof, walls, windows, trims, or doors.

If you’re looking for an easier and cheaper way to renovate your roof, then overcladding might be the choice you should make. As a company, we have carried out a vast range of successful asbestos and metal roof overcladding services to industrial buildings across the North West and Cumbria.

Another option is fiberglass roofing, this is the most popular form of flat roof in the UK. It is strong and durable but doesn’t have the longevity metal roofing has. Across the UK it is the most popular form of flat roof made of a material consisting of plastic strengthened using glass fibres.

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